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  • 港九塑膠製造商聯合會 第32屆會董會成員
  • Since year 1957, 1958, 1966 ...
  • Hong Kong & Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Association
  • 行政長官李家超 出席創科新時代工業啟新章
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Year 1957, Chinese Plastics Union

Year 1958, Hong Kong and Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Associations

Year 1966, Hong Kong and Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Associations Ltd

In the early 1950s, Hong Kong's plastics industry was beginning to emerge. A group of advanced seniors met regularly to discuss skills and exchange information. Later, everyone agreed, and in 1957, "Chinese Plastics Union Company" was founded to bring together peers in the industry. , contact the manufacturers. In 1958, in order to further gather strength and seek common development, the company was registered and officially renamed the "Hong Kong and Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Associations". After the efforts of the board of directors and supervisors, the enthusiasm of the members, and the day of the meeting There is progress.


The 1960s were the prosperous years of Hong Kong's plastics industry. In order to cope with development and enhance its image, the fourth council entrusted an accountant to handle the registration procedures for a limited company. On March 14, 1966, it was approved by the Companies Registry of the Hong Kong Government and officially registered as < Hong Kong and Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Associations Ltd. > ., issued certificate No. 12551. In 1973, the Extraordinary General Meeting passed a partial amendment to the constitution, changing the Board of Supervisors to the Board of Directors, with a chairperson and vice-chairman presiding over the affairs of the meeting, and the directors of each department performing their respective duties. , the current president serves as the noble advisor to the board of directors, and hires social sages related to the industry as honorary advisors, and hires previous leaders who have made outstanding contributions to the association as honorary presidents to supervise the affairs of the association. This organizational structure is still followed today.


At the beginning of the establishment of the association, there was no credentials. The forefathers and sages worked hard to open up the mountains and forests. However, due to the failure of the club to stabilize, there were many obstacles to the implementation of the association's affairs. In order to obtain a permanent club and provide a foundation for the expansion of the association's affairs, the third term of directors and supervisors During his tenure, he launched an initiative to raise funds to purchase a clubhouse. The fourth board of directors and supervisors took over the planning and put it into practice.


In November 1964, the joint meeting of directors and supervisors approved the establishment of the "Hong Kong and Kowloon Plastic Products Merchants United Associations Ltd. Property Purchase Committee". The directors and supervisors took the lead. The congregation responded enthusiastically and donated generously, quickly raising a huge sum of money. In the spring of the following year, a nearly 1,000-square-foot property on the 13th floor of Prospect Building, 491 Nathan Road, Kowloon was purchased. It was Xia Zeji who moved into the house. On November 20, the invitation was At that time, members of the Executive Legislative Council of Hong Kong came to officiate and held a grand opening ceremony. It has been 40 years since the club moved in. During this period, it has been renovated many times and modern equipment has been added. It is hoped that the foundation of the conference will be permanent and the image will always be new.

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